Jay Riggleman - October 26, 2014

All dead people go to a better place

All dead people go to a better place

One of the hardest life events for a pastor to oversee is a funeral. These events can also be awkward when people who knew the departed loved one desire to have you speak of them in a better place regardless of the way they lived. Is this principle Biblical or is it perhaps the most dangerous spiritual urban legend of all? In today's message we will answer this critical question. Text: John 14:6, Matthew 7:13-14

From Series: "Spiritual Urban Legends"

A legend is a belief, story, assumption, or concept that gets passed around as fact. There are also spiritual legends. Spiritual legends are spiritually dangerous errors that eventually bring disillusionment and heartache. We will be looking at six spiritual myths/urban legends that many Christians believe that are off the mark when viewed in light of what the Bible actually teaches.

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