Our Purpose


At Bible Baptist Church, becoming a passionate follower of Christ is our utmost priority. It is our goal to help people establish a personal relationship with Christ and to grow to love and know Him more each day.

We fulfill this purpose as we:

  • Pursue spiritual maturity by attending worship services regularly, developing spiritual disciplines, utilizing EQUIP ministries, and by an increased obedience to the commands of Scripture.
  • Connect with other believers for the purpose of community, authenticity, and accountability.
  • Serve others unselfishly by serving consistently in a church ministry.
  • Advance God’s kingdom by developing relationships with non-Christians, sharing your faith consistently, and supporting outreach ministries of the church.

This website seeks to provide the details you might want to know about our church, but the best way you can learn about us is to visit.We would like to personally invite you to experience our church through one of our morning services, an EQUIP class or perhaps a Community Group. We strive to love people like Jesus did. So come, just as you are, find out who we are and discover who you can be in Him.