Just last week I posted my favorite picture from the carnival. It was a great snapshot of any entire family that came to the carnival and one of their kids won a bike! What I loved most about the picture was the joy that was on the faces of the whole family and how I had no idea who they were. I even mentioned at the end of my post that maybe someday I would meet them. Well that someday was last Sunday! What fun I had in meeting Danice and Tim along with their 5 kids! It was cool to hear from the youngest (Josiah) who won the bike. He announced that he had already lost the training wheels off the bike and was pedaling away on two wheels.

Many of you attend church on a weekly basis and we can sometimes go through the motions and come not expecting God to do anything out of the ordinary. Maybe God has a special appointment or encounter for you this week. Ask Him to keep your eyes and heart open for a God moment this Sunday!