Many churches (including ours) claim to be “friendly” churches. The atmosphere of being friendly and welcoming doesn’t just happen and is an ongoing process. Perhaps you are not sure how to contribute to our church being friendly. Take note of the Ten Commandments of Church Friendliness I recently came across, and see what commands you are keeping and the ones you’re breaking! Keep up the ones you do and try to implement the others. If we each do this, we will become even more effective in being a friendly church.

1. Thou shalt pray for people in the services whom you don’t recognize.

2. Thou shalt smile.

3. Thou shalt not sit on the ends of the rows.

4. Thou shalt not fill up the back rows first.

5. Thou shalt have ushers to help seat the guests.

6. Thou shalt offer assistance to guests.

7. Thou shalt not gather too long in your holy huddles.

8. Thou shalt offer your seats to guests.

9. Thou shalt not save seats.

10. Thou shalt greet someone you don’t know.