At BBC, we have four things that keep us on course… our four ‘purposes’. The first two are perfect for you right now and I bet you’ll relate to them…

Pursue & Connect

We live every day trying to pursue spiritual maturity. That can start simply, by asking ‘Is God there?’, or by wondering how we can be more like Jesus. By attending worship services regularly, developing spiritual disciplines, utilizing EQUIP ministries, and by an increased obedience to what we learn each week in the Bible, we feel equipped to face every day boldly and with love.

We have a wonderful opportunity to connect with others in so many ways… to really be a community every day.  Can you join us in authentically sharing our lives and needs, as well as seeking accountability? At BBC, we do this through weekly Community Groups, Fellowship Events and other ways during the week. Church isn’t just about Sunday, it’s connecting to others every day.